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Economical EPS sandwich panel recycled large span steel work

Steel structure prefabricated warehouse building is a new type of building structure system, which is formed by the main steel framework linking up H-section, Z-section, and U-section steel components, roof and walls using a variety of pane

Steel structure prefabricated warehouse building is a new type of building structure system, which is formed by the main steel framework linking up H-section, Z-section, and U-section steel components, roof and walls using a variety of panels and other components such as windows and doors. steel structure prefabricated warehouse building is widely used in warehouses, workshops, large factories, and so on.

If you want to know more information of steel warehouse,please look at the following


Product Large span steel workshop buildings
Size Can be customized
Material H-beam
Wall/Roof Sandwich panel/steel tile Choose○Profiled steel sheet○Polystyrene
Doors/windows Door 4.5m×5m(Choose○Electric shutter doors○Composite panel sliding door)
Window 5.2m×1.2m(Choose○Aluminum window○Steel window)
Technical parameters Roof dead load 0.3KN/m2
Roof load 0.3KN/m2
Wind loading 0.5KN/m2
Earthquake 8 grades
What we supply Design standards Scientifically designed and  Chinese standards
Installation Install drawing,video,engineer service overseas
Certification ISO9001:2008 certification/ CE  certification

1.Wide span: single span or multiple spans, the max span is 36m without middle column.
2.Low cost : Unit price range from USD30/m2 to USD60m2 according to customer’s request
3.Fast construction and easy installation.
4.Long using life: up to 50 years.
5.Others: environmental protection, stable structure, earthquake resistance, water proofing, and energy conserving. 


1. Customized design is welcome.
2. As long as you like, we can design and provide drawings for you.
3. In order to give you an exactly quotation and drawings, pls tell us the Length, width,eave height and local weather. We'll quote for you promptly.

Advantages of steel structure building
1) Easy to assemble and disassemble with simple and common tools.
2) Good waterproof performance without extra facilities.
3) Good fireproof performance with rockwool sandwich panel.
4) Good performance of heat-insulation.
5) Safety and stable,could stand firmly over 50 years.
6) Light weight, convenient for shipment and transportation.
7) Beautiful appearance, various colors and shapes for outer and inner roof panel and wall panel.
8) Various designs available, customized designs acceptable.
9) Wide range of application, could be used as offices, command posts, sentry boxes, dormitories, workshops,Kiosks and so on.


We are steel workshop buildings manufacturer. Production period is 25-45 days after receipt of advance payment. We will provide installation drawings, installation video. If necessary, we will have dedicated staffs and engineers to the scene to guide the installation. Loading and unloading of our products are convenient. You can use crane in the destination, two people can  discharge whole products within half an hour. And definitely won't destroy packaging.


Hebei baofeng is a medium-sized private enterprises that specialized in the development, design, production and sales of steel structure buildings and prefab house.Our main business scope is: steel workshops,steel warehouses,poultry sheds,steel office buildings,shopping malls overall project;prefabricated expandable house,prefab house,container house, light steel villa overall project.Our workshop covers an area of 40,000 square meters.we have 8 steel engineering designers,16 engineering desige and technical personnel,150 senior manufacturing technicians.The production of steel structure more than 20,000 tons,prefabricated buildings 10,000 square meters per year.


If you are interested in out products,plz give us the following information:

(1) Dimension: Length, width, height, eave height, roof pitch, etc.
(2) Doors and windows: Dimension, quantity, position.
(3) Local climate: Wind speed, snow load, seismic magnitude etc.
(4) Insulation material: Panel type, sandwich materials, sandwich thickness
(5) Crane beam: Do you need crane beam inside the steel structure? And its load.
(6) Is there any materials that are not allowed to import to the country where the structure is planning to use?
(7) If you have other requirements, such as fire proofing, insulated roof, etc. Please also inform us.
(8) It's better if you have your own drawings or pictures. Please send them to us.


Square meter price

From USD30-75. The price related to local climate, the building width, height, material, whether have crane, gutter or not, one floor or two floor etc.

It's very easy to install the steel structure workshop in your local by the bolt to connecting, according to our installation drawings and 3D drawings. Also we will supply all technical support during installation and after-sale service.

Difference of sandwich panel and steel plate
sandwich panel have good insulation performance., rock wool and fiber glass sandwich panel also have good fireproof performance. 
steel place have not the heat insulation and fireproof performance.

How many chicken can feed per SQM?
free-range: 15-20 chickens
layer:20-25 chickens